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Lead your forces through the exciting campaign to save the kingdoms from the invasion of ancient magic.
Fight other players and reach the top of PvP-Arena divided into 9 Leagues.
Choose between over 30 unique heroes and create your own perfect team best suited for your play style.
Upgrade your heroes and equip them with the best artifacts.
Jul 5, 2019


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Fight other players in epic and thrilling battles. Become a Lord and lead powerful heroes. Gather your own team, find unique loot and make your way to the glory! Can you manage to become the best Lord in this new strategy game?


Explained in-game

March 26, 2020

Update 1.17 - Rework of Legendary Chest and Chest Store - Added a new currency - Pearls, replacing Valor Points in Adventure mode. - Added Adventurer’s store – a place to spend hard-earned pearls. Here you can purchase Rune fragments, Lord’s weapons and equipment, Gold and experience.

February 28, 2020

Update 1.16 - NEW SERVER OPENED! (to change your server go to settings) - Players now get a random 2-star hero for their second day in a game - x4 combat speed added - Bug fixes and usability improvements

February 13, 2020

Update 1.15 - Added Valentine's Day event - The system of gold coins is rebalanced - Challenge mode matchmaking is improved - Bug fixes and usability improvements
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